My Approach

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
– Maya Angelou

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

As a psychodynamic and humanistic therapist, I believe we all have an inherent desire to be our best selves and live a life of purpose, presence, authenticity, and meaning. However, we are largely a mystery to ourselves. In therapy, I merge my two passions: psychology and spirituality where I blend clinical education with spiritual tools and intuitive insight to create a safe space where you can turn inward to explore and connect with the situations, emotions, and experiences that have led you off course.

My approach to psychotherapy is open-ended in that we will meet as long as it feels helpful to you. Through mindfulness and other contemplative practices, together, we will explore the hidden aspects of your experiences, those that are not necessarily apparent but cause problems in living. As therapy unfolds you will discover deeper layers of yourself creating space to make previously undreamed-of changes in your life and relationships.

In partnership we will work with your intuitive knowing about yourself to move toward a life of authenticity and wholeness. We will do so with compassion and respect the ways you have learned to be in the world thus far. All emotions communicate something of value and over time you will come to hear yourself more clearly and will more readily identify internal conflicts, thinking, and behavior patterns that become more apparent.

In approaching the process of psychotherapy with openness and curiosity you will begin to live in conscious awareness and gain a deeper compassion for your personal journey.

Solution Focused Therapy

Situations can arise in which you are faced with a problem in need of concrete solutions. Solution focused therapy focuses on solutions rather than the problem. We will explore and capitalize off of the the strenghts, resources, and skills you already have. You will begin to change the language that shapes how you think about the problem and move toward language that supports a solution. Sometimes the solution may not even look like it will fit or resolve the problem, and that’s fine–a small enough change can nudge you in a different direction and that may be all that is needed. Together we will recognize and acknowledge the small incremental steps that lean toward lasting change.

This approach helps you see things from a different viewpoint by providing multiple angles from which to create solutions. Deeper exploration of the roots of the difficulty might occur later on for maximum lasting effectiveness, but the current solutions are most pressing.

I will work with you to find solutions.

Supportive Psychotherapy

Supportive Psychotherapy is a less intensive kind of work than traditional psychodynamic therapy, essentially used when you might be feeling overwhelmed by particular life situations and in need of outside, professional understanding and perspectives in order to increase your sense of well-being and effectiveness.

Supportive psychotherapy is an integrated treatment that utilizes psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal theory and techniques.