Individual Therapy

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

– Eleanor Brownn

A Courageous Step

Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is also the most daunting: asking for help.

Whether you are entering therapy on your own or at the urging of a significant person in your life, seeking help and giving therapy a try is acting upon your inherent knowing that you can feel better and turn your life around in the ways you desire.

My hope for our work together is that you feel accompanied through your experience in ways that are meaningful, insightful, and transformational.

Why Individual Therapy?

I believe we get stuck in familiar (but unfulfilling patterns) because of dynamics outside of our awareness, unresolved emotional wounds, or habitual ways of thinking and behaving. Having a therapist with whom to share the most intimate details in your life is certainly not easy, but an important step toward emotional health and wellness.

Therapy offers a consistent confidential space each week to understand your frustrations, worries, fears, and wishes and has the ability to empower and embolden us in often surprising ways.

In therapy, we will come to understand:

  • the places in life where you get stuck
  • the emotions, needs, and thinking processes that fuel those repetitive patterns
  • how to effectively get your needs met
  • how to make sense of your past wounds, pain, and trauma and how they affect life today

Where Do We Start?

Initial Intake Session

Our initial meeting will be 60 minutes in length. During this time, I’ll gather information about you, your personal history and your current life situation. You may come in knowing exactly what’s going wrong and what you want to achieve. Or perhaps it’s not totally clear, but it’s obvious to you that something is not working. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you start. We will hone in on what is not working in your life and why. I’ll help you pinpoint what needs attention and what’s not serving you, and together we will prioritize your goals.


Subsequent sessions will be 50 minutes in length. Regular weekly appointments are the most common frequency. As with everything, your consistency and participation yield the best rewards. I passionately believe in the process of therapy and together we will work as a team. To that end, weekly sessions will allow you to deepen trust in our relationship.

You can depend on my commitment, compassionate presence, and belief in you. I’ll share my thoughts and insights about why you find yourself stuck in various places, and I’ll be there with you as we delve deeper into your interior world. You’ll learn new skills and ways to navigate relationships, and I’ll challenge you to put them into practice.

Most clients report lasting positive change over time. As with anything, the beginning and the middle of your process require the most effort. However, experiencing greater life satisfaction is priceless!


These are some reasons why people seek individual therapy:

  • Anxiety (such as panic attacks, constant worry, feeling on edge, etc…)
  • Depression
  • Difficulty with Work/Life Balance
  • Grief and Loss (loss of a loved one or beloved pet, ending of a relationship, loss of hope/dream, etc…)
  • Trauma (recent and/or from earlier in life)
  • Coping with Illness and/or caregiver stress
  • Breakup or Divorce
  • Dating (on and offline)
  • Personal Growth and Life Transitions
  • Career Dissatisfaction
  • Multicultural Issues: race/ethnic identity, cis -womens/-mens issues, transgender/gender non-conforming identities, sexual orientation identities, religion/spirituality identity, and class identity