Group Therapy

You keep giving because that’s who you are and it’s what you do. Who would you be if you didn’t?

But wait…who’s giving to you?

You’re the strong one to whom others turn. Where do you lay your burdens down? If your answer is nowhere, then my answer is…

Here. You can lay your burdens here.

Join a sanctuary of strong supersurviving women who like you, have been more than willing to pour into others but not themselves, and are now saying,

“I need, I want, I deserve some of that love too.”

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”
— Dr. Brene Brown

I’m a huge advocate for group therapy and truly believe some of the most intensive growth happens in connection with other women. I offer groups that focus on a variety of issues: relationships, anxious and depressed mood, procrastination, isolation, work/life balance, life transition, sociocultural topics and more.

Start the conversation. Contact me if you are interested in more information.

Coming Soon:

African American Women Support Group

Are you seeking space to connect with other black women and talk about issues that affect you? The African American Women support group aims to provide a safe space to share your experience and engage in discussion around challenges, celebrations, and complexities of life with other black women.

Topics include, but are not limited to: daily life challenges, intersection of race and gender, stress management and mindfulness, depressed mood, body image, sexuality and gender identity, and healthy relationships.

I have extensive training in addressing issues of culture and identity in therapeutic settings, and specialize in the treatment of African-Americans and various issues related to the African-American community (e.g., intersection of race, gender, sexuality identity).

Contact me today to receive more information or to join our next group.